Portable Conex Boxes for Oil Patch – Business – Construction Site

Portable Conex Boxes or 20 foot shipping container are easy to move and provide many modified shipping container options.

They provide good protection against the elements such as the sun by using R-13 insulation for example, rain and wind.

Shipping containers have been used as storm shelters and areas where there are high threats of earthquakes.

20 foot containers and 40 foot containers have proven to be strong and good to be used for custom shipping containers modified for portable offices and bunk houses.

Conex Boxe Typical Applications

ISO Shipping Containers have almost endless applications

On oil frac sites as

Construction Site Office - helping project teams to be more effective in spite of the weather conditions

Secure metal storage buildings to lock away valuable items such as PC's

Extension of an existing office for added space or storage

(or even as a home portable office or as a farm office or barn)


Cargo containers standard doors are watertight.

Windproof - The Steel structure can resist high wind loads.

Reinforced Steel Frame that is Virtually Impregnable

Virtually indestructible - as an earth quake shelter or hurricane storm shelter


Using custom shipping containers have many benefits over other options

Cost effective, providing good value for money.

Portable, so you move it where you need it.

Completely secure (ask about secure shipping container options)

Modified shipping containers to your specs and specific needs for projects and disaster relief.

Also See

Steel shipping containers can also be stacked to create a mulit level building. This saves space on the job site.

A tension structure or roof can be added between the ISO containers resulting in a barn kit that provides a well covered work area to store cars, trucks and provides protections from the elements.

Conex Boxes provide many instent shelter options that can be made to suit you specific project requirements.

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