Insulated Shipping Containers

The term Insulated Shipping Containers can refer to the packaging for shipping temperature sensitive products that form part of a cold chain. There are many remarkable innovations and in the packaging industry that do the job well.

However we are talking about the Insulated ISO Container as being generally a 20 ft or 40 ft metal conex shipping container. They are used to ship temperature sensitive goods or products which don't require refrigeration, but which would deteriorate in conditions of great temperature variance. (Non-powered cooling strategies – using dry ice or pre-cooled cargo)

The insulation is invaluable in very hot or cold situations.

When we supply custom shipping containers for portable container offices and bunkhouses we use a range of energy conservation options.

Differant insulations, and in fact all materials, have differant R values. This is a way to describe how quickly energy, heat, transmists through the material.

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Typical Applications

These insulated conex containers are very popular as they overcome the 'hot-as-hell' and 'freezing cold' shipping container syndrome.

Metal is a wonderfully strong substance but it does not have very good insulating properties.

Metal shipping containers which are designed with strong posts withstand tremendous pressures.

So using insulation and a metal container gives you the benefits of both – a strong temperature controlled environment.

Using insulated storage containers would of course depend on the application.

Some applications don't warrant the expense of insulation.

But for some storage container applications is does make sense.




guard huts


concession stands

animal shelters

shipping container homes (call and ask us)

shipping container home

Insulated storage containers have also been used as small hospitals or operating theaters and sound studios.

And I'm sure that many other applications are possible.

This is the challenge of making use of used shipping containers – what can be made next, to create something wonderful and useful out of something that has been classed as obsolete and old.

We can supply many custom insulated shipping containers and used shipping containers to met you needs.

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