Shipping Container Construction Options for Hunting Cabins and Outdoor Living

We use various shipping container construction methods to produce hunting cabins and bush cabins that are comfortable, robust and practical.

We have some standard features in the units but many customers have specific needs.

Once your needs are understood we can propose a number of solutions to make the unit suitable for you application and needs.

Shipping Container modifications Modified shipping container

Typical Applications

There are a wide range of applications where converted shipping containers can be used -

Hunting cabin and bunk house in remote locations - see features and specification below.

On Site Accommodation on leased land allowing a person to relocate the portable metal building once the lease expires.

Island house shipping container

building with shipping containers


The cabin is very versatile.

Comes with bunk beds a bathroom, heating and air conditioning.

A wood stove for heating is generally standard. Large front door for easy access of bulky items. Materials used to construct the interior of the converted shipping containers allow for easy cleaning.

Kitchen comes standard with a sink, stove top, and cabinets for storage.

Power is provided outside the Hunting Cabin as well as a light.

For cover outside a fold out awning is installed to keep the rain and sun away from the front of the mountain cabin.

Power options include a battery and propane tanks located on the 8 ft. side wall of the cabin.

Every available section of floor area is optimally used.

Bunk beds fold up allowing motor cycles and ATVs to be stored when the unit is not being used.

Custom Shipping Container


The modified shipping container is easy to move to a new locations and quick to setup in a new camp.

container homes

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