Used Shipping Containers for Sale

Used shipping containers for sale to meet customer specific requirements are manufactured using used conex boxes typically from 20 foot shipping containers or a 40 foot container.

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used shipping containers for sale Shipping container used

$ 1800 to $ 3000 for a used container is common and a basic office can be in the range of $ 5500 to $20 000. (as an example)

When buying used shipping containers their price does vary depending on their availability, the distance from the depot or job shop and the amount of customization done to the unit.

The quality of the conex box also plays a role. It is important to ask if the unit is a One Tripper, or what grade unit is it.

Due to the standardization of the ISO container they all look very similar and a 15 year old unit in good condition may suit your needs better than a newer unit in poor condition.

How cheap shipping containers really are needs to be compared to the total cost to get the unit on site.

Available are standard portable office units or used shipping containers that a person can add ready made shelving to.

Other custom applications are also available and an architect or drafts person can do layouts to suit your specific needs. Please ask for details.

shipping container with shelves Typical Applications

Standard shipping containers are used as-is by factories

and workshops to store inventory and tools securely.

Farmers for kit barns

By home owners to make houses from shipping containers.


The main features of the shipping container is that it has standard dimensions making it easy to handle.

The surplus cargo container is a good basis to modify to suit almost any application and it is very strong.


Many customers have found the major benefit to be that the units are ready to use.

They are basically plug and play so that people can get on with the work on job at the factory or job site.

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Shipping container prices vary depending on the amount of work done to the storage containers. See some of the factors that influence the custom shipping container costs here.

For diffrent kit barn options a number of possibilities exist using 20 or 40 foot units with roofs.

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